Human spaceflight is in our DNA. 


Our elite team has been instrumental in the development of every US human spacecraft for the past 40 years, including every human space balloon flight.


  • Jane Poynter
    Jane Poynter
    Founder and Co-CEO, Chief Experience Officer
  • Taber MacCallum
    Taber MacCallum
    Founder and Co-CEO, Chief Technology Officer


  • David Jourdan
    David Jourdan
    Deputy Chief Technology Officer
  • Michael Golomb
    Michael Golomb
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mitzi Giles
    Mitzi Giles
    Balloon Manufacturing and Development
  • Dr. John Straus
    Dr. John Straus
    Environmental Control and Life Support
  • Zane Maccagnano
    Zane Maccagnano
    Flight Systems Design and Analysis
  • Vincent Bachet
    Vincent Bachet
    Capsule Manufacturing and Development
  • Ryon Warren
    Ryon Warren
    Capsule Structures
  • Ryan Nascimento
    Ryan Nascimento
    Launch and Marine Retrieval Operations
  • Quentin Washington
    Quentin Washington
    Avionics, Power, and Computational Systems
  • Al Witkowski
    Al Witkowski
    Lead Systems Engineer
  • Dr. Jon Clark
    Dr. Jon Clark
    Safety Operations
  • Frank Candelaria
    Frank Candelaria
    Launch Operations
  • Mark Hitt
    Mark Hitt
    Head of Government Affairs and Licensing
  • Don Day
    Don Day
    Meteorology Operations
  • Dan Window
    Dan Window
    Experience Design
  • Edyta Teper
    Edyta Teper
    Sales and Trade
  • Greg Jacobs
    Greg Jacobs
  • Chelsea Green
    Chelsea Green
    Explorer Experience
  • David Brooks
    David Brooks

Board Members & Advisors

  • Dr. Alan Eustace
    Dr. Alan Eustace
    Founding Board Member
  • Stephen Attenborough
    Stephen Attenborough
    Strategic Advisor and European Lead
  • Anton Brevede
    Anton Brevede
    Board Member
  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon Simmons
    Board Member
  • Chris Kidd
    Chris Kidd
    Founding Senior Advisor
  • David Grutman
    David Grutman
    Experience Curator
  • Jeff Hoffman
    Jeff Hoffman
    Senior Technical Advisor
  • Rodger Farley
    Rodger Farley
    Balloon Systems
  • Henry Cathey Jr.
    Henry Cathey Jr.
    SpaceBalloon Advisor

Stratex World Record-Breaking Flight

In 2014, the StratEx team, led by Space Perspective Co-CEOs Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter, launched Alan Eustace to 136,000 feet in a spacesuit under a SpaceBalloon, breaking the Red Bull Stratos record for the highest spacedive and highest human flight under a SpaceBalloon. Many of the crew responsible for this successful flight are currently in key roles at Space Perspective. The spacesuit the StratEx team developed, and in which Alan flew, is on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective
Space Perspective

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