Partnership with Epsilon3 Unlocks Safe, Accessible Space Travel

Space Perspective Partners With Epsilon3 To Help Unlock, Safe, Accessible, Carbon-Neutral Space Travel For The World.

Space Perspective, the world’s only carbon-neutral space travel company, is thrilled to announce its newest technical partnership with Epsilon3. Space Perspective is harnessing the power of Epsilon 3’s world-leading Operations and Procedure Management Platform to support and synchronize global, development and mission control operations as well as ground and marine-based launches.

“At Space Perspective, we’re building a whole new way to space that’s safe, accessible, and carbon neutral. That kind of innovation requires an unprecedented amount of collaboration, support, and synchronization across multiple teams, development facilities, mission control and, with our marine launch capability, global personnel at sea,” said Ryan Nascimento, Space Perspective’s Launch and Recovery Lead. “Epsilon3 is a remarkable, best in class, tool-set, enabling us to work as a strong collaborative global team across land, sea and space helping us to deliver on our mission of sharing the transformative power of space travel with the whole world.”

Space Perspective will use Epsilon3’s software to support and synchronize the complex processes that are inherent in completely re-engineering space travel and launching from both land and sea. Epsilon3’s suite of tools will be used to coordinate distributed teams, across the globe, keeping all elements in sync 24 hours a day.

“We are so excited to support Space Perspective in their mission. Together we’re enabling a new generation of space exploration that is safer, more accessible, and kinder to the planet than ever before, opening new opportunities to appreciate our planet and change our perspective on it” said Laura Crabtree, CEO and Co-Founder of Epsilon3. “We’re proud to be playing an integral part in helping to reengineer and operationalize Space Perspective’s one-of-a-kind offering.”

With plans to launch in 2024 and over 1,100 tickets sold Space Perspective has totally reimagined and reengineered human spaceflight by offering a safe, gentle, luxurious, and carbon-neutral journey to space on board Spaceship Neptune a pressurized capsule propelled by a SpaceBalloon™️ the size of a football stadium. During their 6-hour journey, traveling at 12 mph, Space Explorers will enjoy cocktails, Space Gastronomy, Wi-Fi, and more all without the need for rigorous training or the stress of crushing g-forces.