The future of space travel is here 

A spaceship like no other 

Introducing Spaceship Neptune, offering the safest, most accessible, and first carbon-neutral human spaceflight experience. Redefining the category of space travel, ours is the largest spaceflight capsule in existence.

Space Perspective

The world's first Space Lounge 

Explorers enjoy Wi-Fi, a world-class culinary program, plush safety seating, luxury amenities, panoramic views through the largest windows ever flown to space – even a proper restroom (the Space Spa).

An unparalleled crew 

Our world record-holding team have been instrumental in the development of every US human spacecraft for the past 40 years, including every human space balloon flight.


"I can close my eyes now and see the view clearly, vividly. That stays with you a lifetime. That changes you."

Jeff Hoffman
Former NASA astronaut, professor of aerospace engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Space Perspective Senior Technical Advisor.